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About Us

Wealth Creators Management is the most prominent social media marketing agency for content creators looking to monetize their social media.

Travel in luxury, live your best life, get paid every single week, go to the best events and become a star.

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Our Services

Account Audit & Market Research

We audit your account and where you want to go and we will put together a strategy for you to become that influencer

Daily + Weekly Coaching Calls

Need support reaching your goals? We've got daily + weekly 1-2-1 coaching calls anytime you need help.

Networking & Event Management

Get invited to the top fashion and content creator events, world-wide with WCM Management Only.

24/7 Chatting Profit Service

We manage your OF account 24/7 so while you're sleeping, tips and subscriptions fees are coming in.

Brand & Growth Management

We will manage and grow your brand followers, likes and engagement.

Content Creation

We will help you create content, professional photography to use on your social media.

Our Talent

WCM is always looking for and adding new talent to our lineup of content creators every single week. Apply now to become our next biggest creator.

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Interested in joining Wealth Creators Management? Either refer talent or apply now and we will have a free 15m consultation about how this will work for yourself and what's involved in getting started.

What our clients say

Working with WCM is a game changer Their support and guidance helped me quit my job and become a full time model.

Thanks so much WCM. I am now a successful full time model. Your expertise and industry connections have helped me so much in reaching my goals.

WCM was the best investment I ever made in my modelling career. Thanks to their help, I was able to quit my job and model full time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content do I have to create?

You can create whatever content you personally feel like, we have creators who are provocative and we have creators who don't really do anything, both make money, some make more than others. We're professionals, we run a classy outfit, we know what we're doing and we know how to conduct ourselves in a way that protects you, if you're accepted to work with us you will get your content professionally reviewed.

How much can I make with an OF account?

To give you a real world example, we had a creator sign up, she had 2,500 instagram followers, she did a total of 6 instagram stories over the period of a month and she made 800 USD. We also had another creator who started with 3000 followers and she posted a story with us every single day and she made 5,000 USD in her first month. More volume of content production leads to more sales.

Can I do this anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have girls all over the world doing this, we can run your account and pay you from anywhere. We are an international company, so it does not matter if you are in the US, UK, Europe or Australia, we can manage you.

Why do I need a management agency?

Most girls who are creating get to around USD1,000 a month and just slow down content production. With a management service you have a team behind you that are generating sales every single day, so that USD1,000 turns into USD20,000 per month and you do not have to do more work, you just have to take photos, go to the coolest places and look pretty.

What is the management fee and how do I get paid?

Yes, we take a management fee, you can go to the about us page to see our list of services. We do all of the heavy lifting for you, as we said, all you have to do is look pretty, dress nice and have fun. Let the profits roll into your account, you can make multi 6 figures and set yourself up for life through investing, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Wealth Creators Management is the most prominent social media marketing agency for content creators looking to monetize their social media.

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Travel in luxury, live your best life, get paid every single week, go to the best events and become a star.

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